Aldi doo, Karađorđeva 9a, Pančevo; tel: 013 304 764;
PIB: 101865350; MB: 08196915; PEPDV: 122860585

Aldi inžinjering

Aldi Engineering Group is horizontally-integrated company providing engineering sloutions in the Oil & Gas industry,covering both Upstream and Downstream segments. Knowledge and experience of the Group is particularly focused on open-art technologies in petroleum refineries (Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Units, Gas Concetration Unit, single- and multi- component fractionation systems), LNG plants, NGL/LPG recovery plants, and gas production and treatment facilities. The range of services provided by ALDI Engineering Group covers:

Benchmarking of exsting equipment,process plants, and field facilities

Troublescooting process operations and provisions of cost-effective remediation mesaures

Preparation of key project documents (Scope of Work,Basis of Design, List of Project Deliverables, Project Execution Plan) in greenfield and brownfield project environments

Development of Basic Engineering Packages (BEP) including all relevant Discipline documents, calculations, and technical reports

Safety studies (Flare, Relif, Blowdown, Radiation and Dispersion)

Field assistance in Pre-commissionig, commissionig, and startup activities

Project scheduling and risk management

Core personnel  of the company consists of professional engineers with more than 15 years of international experience in the Oil & Gas industry.